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Going into the WWE’s main card I thought I would do a dedication to the superstars who we have seen for years lighting up the ring and giving us matches we will always remember. This is all opinion so keep that in mind, some stars had shorter careers which will place them lower, however I tried to remember as many in the top 25 as I could. So here we go!

25-Daniel Bryan-WWE’s modern day David, had one of the great WWE moments in his WM 30 victory over Randy Orton and Batista. His IC title victory the following year, was yet another show stopping match by Bryan Danielson. The veteran technicians career was cut short, however many of us are holding out hope for an HBK style return. After 2 Sheamus bouts that don’t deserve attention, he, along with Kane defended Team Hell No’s WWE Tag Team titles, the following year he defeated Triple H, to earn and eventually win the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Only time will tell if there are more career highlights to come.
24.Kane-The Big Red Machine is proof that the third time is the charm. After 2 failed gimmicks in years prior, The Undertakers brother, made his debut and had his best feud with his brother, throughout the the following year, having their best Mania match in WM 14, a title run though brief (one day), came soon after, his following 16 WrestleMania appearences, were generally mid card status however. Despite the success he had in 1998, the status of guys like Triple H, The Rock, Angle and Jericho, pushed alot of the other talent down the roster. Matches against Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, and an Undertaker rematch, are additional highlights in the career of the man who’s won 23 total championships.
23-John Bradshaw Layfield-One of the few wrestlers who have 3 different personas, One a cowboy, a beer drinking bad ass, and lastly a successful invester, who would be the most successful transformation. His big break came in 1998, when along with Faaroq (aka Ron Simmons) formed the Acolytes. After a successful 4 year run with 3 tag team title runs, he went solo with a character similar to Dallas’ J.R. Ewing. He won the WWE title in 2004, and held the belt for 9 months, before losing the belt to John Cena at Wrestlemania 21. He would defeat Chris Benoit, for the US title in WM 22, in what would be his last major title run prior to going on to a successful career as an announcer in the WWE.
22-Eddie Guerrero-The sight of Guerrero and Chris Benoit celebrating after WrestleMania 20, is one of the great, touching celebrations where we see 2 men, controvesy aside, at the top of there game. A year and a half later we would lose one of the most revolutionary wrestlers of all time. Born into one of the royal families of wrestling, Eduardo Llanes’ career began at 19 years old, after 13 years of wrestling all over the world, Eddie, along with Perry Saturn, Benoit and Dean Malenko, entered the federation as The Radicalz, he defeated Test, for the European title at Mania X7, a couple years later he would receive a solo push, where he would defeat Brock Lesnar for his first and only WWE championship. His match against Kurt Angle, only overshadowed by the Michaels-Benoit-HHH main event, was a 20 minute was a blockbuster and would’ve been the match of the card any other year. His final Mania match was a battle with Rey Mysterio, a match he would eventually lose. His passing 7 months later, was a dark day in the history of wrestling community. Though not the only person on the list who is no longer with us, The man, the persona, and legend of Eddie, is something that will continue for all eternity.
21-Roddy Piper-The quintessential wrestling villian. Funny, arrogant, charismatic, yet likable. The late Hot Rod, was a man fans loved to hate was a part of the original Mania extravaganza his legendary feud with Hulk Hogan, wrestling with Paul Orndorff to go against Hogan and Mr. T. The feud continued the following year when he boxed Mr. T in a forgettable Mania 2 match. His acting career began to take off and his time in the WWF was similar to the part time status of alot of guys today. However from 1987-1991, he’d make appearences at manias, not to mention the black face disaster of Mania 6. 1992, however would bring a resurgence of the Hot Rod. Winning thr IC strap from the Mountie at Royal Rumble 1992, he would face Bret “The Hitman” Hart, in a match that not only was a highlight in the beginning of the Hitman, but also one of the best matches of Pipers career. Despite losing, Piper would continue to make the fans cheer, making appearences in multiple federations, including guest referee spots in WM 10 and 11, and the Hollywood Backlot Brawl at WM 12, where he fought Goldust. He’d continue making appearences and acting through out the years til his passing in 2015. Yet another legend, gone, but not forgotten.
Stay tuned for 20-16!


WWE News: WWE buying Ring of Honor?

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It has been reported through ProWrestlingSheet that WWE is currently in talks with Sinclair Broadcast Group about buying out Ring of Honor. The two wrestling companies have been in talks since January.

This is a huge move that could see the entire ROH roster under WWE contract, with Ring of Honor wrestling airing weekly on the WWE Network, as well as content on demand.

It should be noted that there were rumors of a similar deal with Impact Wrestling that ended up falling through.


WrestleMania Season!!! Ranking Manias 16-32

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Continuing on from the Mania rankings of 1-15, we have the WrestleMania rankings of 16-32!

#17 – WrestleMania 16
The 16th edition of WrestleMania was a rarity in its case. 2000 was without a doubt one of the best years in WWE, especially in terms of roster and storylines. However, having too many multi-competitor matches and the McMahon family involved in each corner during the Fatal 4 Way main event sounded good on paper, but ended up not being what it could have been (which is putting it mildly). However, it wasn’t all bad. The Triple Threats involving Jericho, Benoit, and Angle were very good and the first TLC was also quite enthralling.

#16 – WrestleMania 27
The big problem with WrestleMania 27 was that its primary goal was to build to next years WrestleMania, which is not the point of Mania. The main event alone was John Cena vs The Miz, with the Rock interfering to set up the Cena & Rock showdown the following year(s). HHH vs Undertaker was the bright spot on the card, but it would be done better the following year.

#15 – WrestleMania 32
To be fair, WWE was going through a great plague of injuries at the time with John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Cesaro, Neville, Nikki Bella, and more injured, not to mention Sting and Daniel Bryan having to retire due to injuries. With the show going on for too long with a majority of mediocre to bad matches, this Mania is forgettable. At least Shane vs Undertaker in Hell in a Cell was better than a lot of critics were expecting.

#14 – WrestleMania 29
When Once in a Lifetime ends up becoming Twice in a Lifetime. The issue with this Mania was not that the matches were at all bad, but they were just very bland and felt like something we would typically see at the time. The next night on RAW, though, was definitely a spectacle. At any rate, CM Punk vs The Undertaker was match of the night by far.

#13 – WrestleMania 22
The final Mania to take place in a standard arena. It had a lot of moments, but the matches themselves didn’t deliver how they should have. The Triple Threat for the World Title culminated Rey Mysterio’s tribute to the recent passing of Eddie Guerrero in an epic match against Randy Orton and Batista. The Money in the Bank ladder match and the Hardcore match between Edge and Foley were also high spots for the night, pun intended.

#12 – WrestleMania 26
This was a very stacked roster for a WrestleMania, especially in terms of what fans describe as the PG era. Edge vs Jericho was a great match and Hart vs McMahon was almost a decade-and-a-half in the making, although the match is better left ignored. At the end of the night, we have Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels II in a Streak vs Career match where we saw the boyhood dream come to an end.

#11 – WrestleMania 23
One of the biggest selling points was current US President Donald Trump taking on Vince McMahon in a hair vs hair match… almost. Instead, Trump had Lashley fighting for him, while McMahon had Umaga fighting for him. The Money in the Bank Ladder match, Benoit in his last mania match against MVP, Batista vs Undertaker, and Michaels vs Cena were all very good matches that deserve all the recognition that they get.

#10 – WrestleMania 21
Similarly to WrestleMania 32, this Mania had a lot going against it with injuries and budget cuts a plenty, keeping the roster relatively low. However, when Mania went Hollywood, we got some great matches. Angle vs Michaels was absolutely fantastic and a must-see for any wrestling fan that might have never seen it. Taker vs Orton was also good and the World & WWE title main events delivered, at least in terms of story and developing Cena & Batista into mega stars!

#9 – WrestleMania 24
This WrestleMania is best known for the true end to the legendary career of Nature Boy Ric Flair in his epic showdown with Shawn Michaels, what a way to go out. Edge vs Undertaker was a good match to begin a great feud that would last months and the Money in the Bank ladder match introduced us to how early CM Punk was considered for being a top guy.

#8 – WrestleMania 28
This WrestleMania was built upon by the previous years. Every match delivered in one way, shape, or form (well, maybe not the Maria Menounos match). Fans got to see one of the early instances of the company’s mistreatment of Daniel Bryan. However, the Rock vs John Cena was a battle of epic proportions, which would have been more highly regarded if they didn’t have a rematch a year later. The Hell in a Cell between Triple H and Undertaker was an edge-of-your-seat style of contest and a legendary WrestleMania match that will be talked about for years to come.

#7 – WrestleMania 19
We were still in the first full year of the original brand extension, and it was already proving that WWE’s two-show strategy was making more stars. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels had a legendary match that would form a basis for their legendary feud 5 years later. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin had one final showdown in the main event of Mania… for the 3rd time in what would be Stone Cold’s final match. Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle wrestled the final match of the night, both legitimately hurt, for the WWE Championship in a battle between an amateur and Olympic wrestling icons.

#6 – WrestleMania 25
Jericho feuding with legends, Triple H breaking into Ortons house, brothers feuding, and two tag-team titles getting unified were the major points of WrestleMania. In its own category was one of the top 5 Mania matches of all time with Michaels vs Undertaker in a battle between the icons of WrestleMania. The only issue with this mania, was that none of the matches could compare in the slightest to Taker vs Michaels.

#5 – WrestleMania 18
The first moments of Hogan vs The Rock in a staredown alone sum up everything that made this WrestleMania so special. Stone Cold was showing early signs of souring on WWE, and showed just how strong the roster was at the time with names like DDP, Booker T, Edge, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, Scott Hall, The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kane, The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, and Hulk Hogan all delivering in truly great matches.

#4 – WrestleMania 30
The story of an underdog. Daniel Bryan’s immense popularity was off the charts when he defeated ¾ of Evolution on this night, first defeating Triple H to qualify for the main event Triple Threat for the Undisputed WWE Championship against Batista and Randy Orton. Bryan would go on to win this Triple Threat and would receive one of the largest “YES!” chants of all time. We also had a great opening with Hogan, Austin, and The Rock and the very first Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. And in perhaps one of the biggest shockers in WWE history, Brock Lesnar would go on to end the Undertaker’s legendary 21-match winning streak.

#3 – WrestleMania 20
That final moment at WrestleMania 20 when Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit celebrated in the ring together with their WWE and World Championships was very emotional. Both guys were great wrestlers, but they were often held back and nobody thought they would make it, not to mention that by mid-2007, both men would be gone. Guerrero vs Angle and Benoit vs Michaels vs HHH were great matches that all wrestling fans should watch. It’s better to not talk about Lesnar vs Goldberg, but all of the other matches had enough quality to be better alternatives.

#2 – WrestleMania 31
NOBODY IN THE WORLD THOUGHT THIS WRESTLEMANIA WAS GOING TO BE AS GOOD AS IT WAS! The build up to this Mania was quite bad, all things considered. However, the quality of every single match showcased just how good and capable the roster could perform, with every match having someone from NXT in it, with exception to Triple H vs Sting. Still, Triple H is the godfather of NXT. At any rate, Sting and the NWO uniting against D-Generation X was an amazing moment. It is notable for being Daniel Bryan’s last WrestleMania and for Undertaker to win his first WrestleMania match after having his streak end at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Speaking of Lesnar, Seth Rollins’ “Heist of the Century” against Lesnar and Reigns is one of the most memorable moments in modern WWE.

#1 – WrestleMania 17
WrestleMania 17 was an ultimate WrestleMania and what is considered by many a fan as the finale of the Attitude Era. The second Rock and Austin battle occurred, with Austin turning heel and joining Vince McMahon in a shocking turn of events. In addition, every one of the matches was entertaining for one reason or another. Any and all wrestling fans that never watched this event, before, need to watch it in its entirety!


Top 10 NXT Wrestlers that WWE Need’s to Debut in 2017

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With the excitement of the Road to WrestleMania soon culminating with the ultimate event itself, the weeks and months following the Showcase of the Immortals tends to be filled with excitement and wrestlers trying to find their way to the next Mania card. With how often WWE Pay-Per-View events seem to be full of the same talents in roles and matches that we’ve seen numerous times already, it’s important to bring in more names to shake things up. Here, we will take a look at 10 wrestlers from NXT that WWE needs to bring up and use in 2017.

#1 – Shinsuke Nakamura
The King of Strong Style is as full of natural charisma as his kicks are devastating. With WWE wanting to increase their business in Japan and in Asian markets, the naturally gifted Nakamura is a surefire choice to lead in a blitz to the main roster. His talents are unmatched and his potential matches with Styles, Jericho, Owens, Balor, Orton, Cena, etc. on the WWE stage will be truly epic!

#2 & 3 – The Revival
Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder have really made everyone in NXT and in the audience take notice of them. Having won the NXT tag-team titles twice and having had very entertaining runs and matches with the titles over their shoulders, Dash & Dawson have the potential to be the next big tag-team in WWE!

#4 – Paul Ellering
What? Paul Ellering? Yes, the current manager of the Authors of Pain, while doing quite good in this role, should definitely come back up to the main roster (even if it’s at the cost of the Authors of Pain). The fact is, Ellering is a legend, with his most famous management being for the mighty Legion of Doom; Hawk & Animal. With all of the monsters currently on the main roster and with all of the rumored factions and needed mouthpieces, Ellering is definitely the man for the job!

#5 – Asuka
“Asuka’s Gonna Kill You!” – This is the chant that awaits Asuka’s opponents before they step foot in the ring with the Empress of Tomorrow aka the most dangerous woman in WWE. She can lock in a submission hold faster than lightning can strike metal, and she can win a match before the crowd can finish singing to Bayley. The only question for Asuka, is which brand should she dominate first, RAW or SmackDown! Live?

#6 – Bobby Roode
What a Glorious wrestler. Bobby Roode is a true veteran of the game, with a solid 20 year career dating as far back as 1998! He has wrestled and won many a championship in TNA and, as of the time of this writing, is the reigning and defending NXT Champion! What Glorious matches await Roode on the main roster?

#7 – Elias Samson
Somewhat of a controversial pick among IWC circles. The man is more of an average wrestler, but one has to remember that not every wrestler on the roster will contend for the WWE Championship. His drifter gimmick will make more sense on the main roster and he/his opponents now have access to a guitar prop in matches!

#8 & 9 – #DIY
Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano are true artists when it comes to professional wrestling. Both guys have a knack for psychology, showmanship, and entertainment. Not only that, but their talents as in-ring competitors are second to none and their team chemistry is off the charts! Bringing them into a tag-team division and/or into the cruiserweight division will definitely be something to watch!

#10 – Tye Dillinger
“10! 10! 10!” – Who else would I have listed at the #10 spot? Tye Dillinger had a previous run on the main roster through WWE’s ECW show back in late 2008 & early 2009, before making his way back to FCW and NXT several years later. He knows what its like to be on the main roster, and is definitely hungry to make it back on! Ever since then, Tye Dillinger has captivated audiences in NXT and even 50,000+ in the Alamodome during the 2017 Royal Rumble match. The Perfect 10 definitely has a lot to prove on the main roster!


WrestleMania Season!!! Ranking Mania’s 1-15

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Welcome to my WWE fansite!!! This site is 2 brothers who’ve been watching wrestling most of our lives, reaching out to the masses and making a site of wrestling memories, news, products, and everything wrestling related. This time of the year takes me back to when my grandpa was around and him and I would sit down every Monday night, PRE WWE RAW! lol and watch WWF wrestling, Saturday was our WCW night.

As the build up for WrestleMania starts and we wonder who our favorite and least favorite stars will face I wanted to make my own top WrestleMania list.. Now once again it’s all a matter of opinion, and if you disagree, please share and give your opinions, alot of these earlier cards are SO BOGGED DOWN with filler matches that we solely have a couple good matches on some cards. So away we go!

15-WrestleMania 2– Mania 2!!! Boy what a crap show! George Wells, Mr. T, Uncle Elmer, Corporal Kirchner, and random NFL players, with Mr. T and Roddy Piper, A Battle Royal, and Hogan-Bundy, headlining this card, few highlights minus WM debuts of Savage and Jake are around. Little more is needed to be said about this event lol

14-WrestleMania 9– The infamous WM 9….. Undertaker Giant Gonzales, and Crush vs Doink, not to mention Hulk Hogans title win are a part of a card, full of what the WWE was in this year. A business in transition, trying to rebuild from many departures, the steroid scandals as well, and a federation desperate for answers. This would be the Hulksters final Mania title win.

13-WrestleMania 4-This one kind of surprised me…  i remember when I first watched this card I enjoyed Savages win, DiBiase, Hogan, Andre, Muraco, Rude, Roberts, so many greats, and so many mediocre matches. In the only mania that was a tournament, you had a bunch of lack luster, blah matches leading up to a showdown between 2 legends in DiBiase and Savage. Watch again for yourself years later, let me know when you nod off to sleep by accident lol.

12-WrestleMania 15-Anybody remember Butterbean vs Bart Gunn? I do! Austin Rock 1, was a showcase of the future, and new era superstars for years to come. From the lynching of the Big Bossman, to Sables’ title defense, the rest of this card was largely forgetable.

11-WrestleMania 1-The show that started it all! I remember when I first watched Mania 1, I was excited. Heck this is the show that started the WWE! Instead I saw King Kong Bundy-SD Jones, Santana-Executioner, with Ricky Steamboat vs the late Matt Borne, probably the most entertaining match on the card, wrestling wise. And what should’ve been a Piper-Hogan main event, was a tag match full of predictability. At the end of the day it is still the first Mania, a must watch for any fan unfamiliar with the Rock N’ Wrestling era

10-WrestleMania 11-Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund and Shawn Michaels vs then WWF champion Kevin Nash…. WATCH THESE MATCHES, Otherwise keep your finger on your DVD players skip button lol. In respect to the late great Bam Bam Bigelow and one of my favorite all time players, Lawrence Taylor, I will speak no further on this main event.

9-WrestleMania 7-Watching Macho Man vs Ultimate Warrior these days reminds me of the great childhood memories I have when I remember both men cutting the classic promos they are known for, and despite yet another Hogan title win, this card can be remembered for their battle as well as watching Shawn Michaels, a couple years away from showcasing the talent we would see for years to come not to mention the early invincible Undertaker, at the beginning of his streak.

8-WrestleMania 6- Saying this is number 8, is hard for me being this was my first Mania, however despite the awesomeness that was The Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan, this card is however covered in forgettable bouts from some of our favorites of this era. Still this Main Event is arguably one of the most important matches in the history of the WWE

7-WrestleMania 5-Hogan vs Savage is the one of the greatest feuds and buildups we’ve ever seen in wrestling, despite the predictable Hogan win, this was still a great match, that along with Rick Rude vs Ultimate Warrior, are the highlights of this card, as well as Shawn Michaels Mania debut. Terry Taylor aka the Red Roosters lone mania match added minus points to this card

6-WrestleMania 3– Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage would put on arguably one of the top 5 WM matches of all time, put together so gracefully I would recommend looking this match up for any fan who has never seen this classic, Hogan slamming Andre are highlights in a show that gave the WWF an all time attendance record.

5-WrestleMania 10-The Shawn Michaels Scott Hall ladder match is a top 10 classic, that put both performers into the superstar stratoshpere. Don’t forget Owen Harts victory over Bret Hart, as 2 matches to make this show a must watch for any die hard fan

4-WrestleMania 12-Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart is a clash of the champions that has tried to be recreated since but rarley duplicated, Undertaker vs Kevin Nash “Diesel”, is watchable battle of the big men as well.

3-WrestleMania 13-Austin vs Bret Hart, is a passing of the torch of things to come as well as watching the Rock and Triple H, proceed in the early stages of their careers makes this mania a fun watch. Undertaker wins the title as well in a infamous bout with Psycho Sid

2-WrestleMania 14-The Attitude era owns this Mania from Austins title victory over Shawn Michaels, the beginning of Undertaker Kanes feud, Triple H and The Rock, continue their climbs to the top as well in what is arguably one of the Most influential cards of all time.

1-WrestleMania 8– Randy Savage and Ric Flair battle in a Main Event many believe was supposed to be Hogan vs Flair, Neither would let the fans down in what was a battle of 2 of the all time greatest, Hulk Hogan would battle Psycho Sid, while arguably Bret Hart and Roddy Piper put on a classic in an Intercontinental title bout. Shawn Michaels solo debut and Undertaker-Jake Roberts, would also be a part of what is the best Mania as well as one of the greatest Manias of All Time

More to come!