Top 10 worst IC Champions

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10. Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich

The Von Erichs were a staple in the 1980s wrestling scene. One of the great, an unfortante tragic stories, The WWF added Kerry Von Erich in 1990, he got a fast push, and even pinned Curt Hennig AKA Mr Perfect at Summer Slam 1990, he lost the title soon after and Von Erich stayed at the low to mid card level the rest of his career losing to Flair, Undertaker, and The Warlord, in what started as a promising run. He would sadly take his own life in late 1993.

9. Albert

Multiple times the WWF, wanted to push the massive monster that is Albert. So much the in 2001, they even gave him a push as IC champion after defeating Kane, he never shined in the role and soon lost the belt to Lance Storm. He stayed in the wrestling world and would get a push 10 years later, under the name Tensai, that ended with him dancing with Broadus Clay, and the funkadactyls. He is now a trainer in the WWE.

8. Luke Harper

With his unorthodox style and rough ways, Luke Harper was given the title in hopes of setting him up for solo success, as Bray Wyatt, or the members of the Shield had achieved. Despite having awesome matches, Luke didn’t take off as hoped and he soon lost the title, and return to his role as Brays’ follower.

7. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg Jesse James

On 2 separate occasions the WWF tried to give solo pushes to both members of The New Age Outlaws. Both men however were around in an era, where the WWF talent pool was so deep, men like Benoit, Jericho, Angle, and Guerrero, were far more talented and better fitting in IC Champion roles than the loud and popular act that dominated the WWF Tag Team Title for the beginning of the attitude era.


He came at a time when alot of the WWFs low to mid card talent was beginning to come on strong and advance to the main event level. This second generation star, had the signs and charisma of a good heel, however we never saw his character grow, regressing to a tag team wrestler, before dropping out of the WWF, a couple years later.

5. Rikishi

He was big, danced, and had a main event push pitting him against Steve Austin and The Rock. He was however not the star the WWF had hoped for. After years of Tag Team success, he came to the WWF to be apart of Too Cool. He soon was put over Chris Benoit, winning the Intercontinental title. He never moved up to the next level though. After losing the title, and main events, he went back to his old persona, never getting back to his 2000 success.

4. Ahmed Johnson

The former NFL player was the prototype of what Vince McMahon wants out of his athletes. A walking action figure he shot to the top of the WWF in the troubled mid 1990s. Beating top heels, it seemed Ahmed Johnson, was destined to be a future WWF champion. Injuries added up and what seemed to be the start of a great career turned into a slower, larger version of his old self stuck at the low card, he joined WCW IN 1999, and sputtered out soon after that.

3. Curtis Axel

The son of the late, great Curt Hennig, it seemed that Curtis Axel, was going to be the next Randy Orton, working as a heel, even having Paul Heyman by his side. That never happened and by this time the Intercontinental title, was no longer viewed as a spring board for talent. He has a number of appearences on TV, through the years but we have never seen the career some thought was ahead of this underachieving talent, lost in the WWE’s talent pool

2. Santino

On paper this man is a bad ass, he could be a tough as nails, bad ass kicker hat the WWE loves in Brock Lesnar, that however is what we have never seen out of Santino Morrella. Instead we have seen a G rated persona, that never got to be the persona who could have shined in. Despite wins over Umaga, and yes… the womens Battle royal, he was a comedy act, which tarnished a belt once worn by up and comers like Savage, Steamboat, Michaels and Bret Hart.

  1. Jeff Jarrett-If there was ever a man who got second, third, forth and 20th chances that man   is Jeff Jarrett, He has never been the A list talent people hoped for. He has been the Intercontinental and World Champion in WCW. Despite even his best run in the late 1990s, Jarrett, never accomplished what many hoped he would’ve. The good housekeeping match, is a shining example, at least he beat DDP and David Arquette for the WCW Title lol