PostWrestleMania 33: 10 Final thoughts

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1-Am I the only fan who feels a little insulted whenever we see Shane McMahon, locking up with the sports top talent. I don’t get mad seeing part timers get air time. The hell they paid there dues to get where they are. But come on, the last 2 years we have watched Shane battle 2 of the best wrestlers of all time!

2-How long was this Mania? A 4 hour even would suffice… making these long events takes away from even the best possible mania card.

3-Why wasn’t this made to be Bayleys mania moment? Have her end Charlottes streak at Mania rather than a card few will remember. Seems the time is running on Bayleys push and a run for either Nia or another Charlotte run is coming in the near future. Who knows maybe Charlotte will be a 16 time champ by this time next year lol

4-Why couldn’t Naomi have just won the title at Mania? Yet again a reason why it’s easy to forget diva story lines when 48 hours before an event we still don’t know whether or not it’s a kickoff or mania match

5-Kevin and Jericho… Great match, should’ve been later in the card

6-Was I The only person wondering if something was going on with my screen during Wyatt Orton? lol Great build up led to probably one of the worst matches of the night

7-Triple H-Rollins didn’t disappoint… Triple H yet again puts on a great match and when it matters most does the job for the deserving Seth Rollins. Hopefully a good run is on the horizon for Rollins this year.

8-Goldberg and Lesnar put on my favorite match of the night… Being a guy who misses the days of seeing 2 gorrilas kicking the crap out of each other this didn’t disappoint. F-5s, spears, jackhammers, They came out with guns blasting, being we all knew it wasn’t going to be the Lesnar-Angle 60 minute ironman match lol. We’ll see where this Lesnar title run goes. More on that later.

9-The Hardy Boyz are back!!! Who else was excited to see this? Part of me felt it was possible but with Monday Night Raws predictability I was thinking New Day puts themselves in the match. We saw Jeff and Matt looking great, and see this being a great move to bring excitement back to tag team wrestling, since the New Day act started to grow stale. question i’m wondering is how long til they go back to solo careers?

10-Thank you Undertaker! I saw him first in 1991, battling the Ultimate Warrior. 11 year old me was booing like crazy, now I look back and think shit… what a career! This man battled Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Hogan, Sting, Luger, Lawler, Austin, Flair, HHH, Punk, Batista, Orton,Lesnar, Who would have seen that coming from a persona that was supposed to literally be a dead man! Good for Roman though. Seriously, this win would’ve done nothing for John Cena who personally is entering the final stages of his career to. WWE has made some gambles the last 5 years, and with Punk walking, Bryan retired, Barrett, Ziggler, Del Rio, Ryback, to name a few got chances and never materialized. When all your top guys are dropping you need a staple. Romans that guy. Accept it fans, we’re all giving Vince our money already so I guess we already are ! But anyways thanks for the memories Mark Calloway!