WrestleMania Top 25: 20-16

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Part 2: 20-16

20-CM Punk-The pride of my neighboring city Lockport, IL, Phillip Brooks may have never headlined the biggest show in the WWE, however he laid a foundation and memory that will be in place for years to come. The indy superstar made his wrestlemania debut in WM 24, winning the Money In The Bank match, which he would eventually cash in and win the WWE championship, he would also win the MITB, the following year and cash it in for another title run after pinning Jeff Hardy. Stints with The Straight Edge Society, and The Nexxus, led to mid-card feuds and matches before he erupted folliwing the infamous WWE Raw pipebomb interview. What would follow would be the longest WWE Championship run, after pinning John Cena at MITB 2011. He would take on all comers defeating Cena, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, as well as pinning Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 28. His championship run lasted 434 days, until he was pinned by THe Rock at The Royal Rumble 2013, this would go into a storyline vs. The UnderTaker, where he arguably gave the Deadman one of his greatest Mania challenges before eventually losing to him at Wrestlemania 29. His imfamous departure in 2014, left fans wanting more and wondering if we will ever see the Straight Edge Superstar again. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. I mean Bret Hart returned!

19-Booker T-Booker T came into the WWF, fresh off winning multiple WCW titles, as well as multiple tag team titles as a part of Harlem Heat. He would still have to work his way up the ladder however as a WWE Superstar. Entering the WWE as 5 time champion, he was the leader of the WCW Alliance, he made his Mania debut at WM 18, losing to Edge, over a fictional japanese shampoo commercial, yes that was actually an angle! He stayed in the upper ranks feuding with Triple H, in a racially charged feud where Booker WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN THE STRAP, before last second changes kept the strap a round Triple H’s  waist. After his feud with The Game ended, he gained the WWF Tag Team Title with RVD, as well as a Intercontinental title run, US title run, as well as his most successful  WWE run as King Booker, where he feuded with Rey Mysterio, and Batista, for the title. He would continue in the WWF until 2007, when his contract was up. He would return 4 years later, and after a couple matches, he was onto his next move as a part of the WWE announce team.
18.Andre The Giant-The man who slammed Big John Studd, and was slammed by Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania 1 & 3, stands tall as one of the greatest legends in the history of wrestling. Though WrestleMania started in the latter part of his career, we got to see a battle of the giants between him and the late, great, Big John Studd. With health issues, and well as his mobility became more and more visable. In one last run, he feuded with Hulk Hogan, the 7 foot, 4 inch, 550 pound giant, got in the ring, and despite losing  at Mania 3, he would go on to end Hulk Hogans title run, before he gave the title to Ted DiBiase. He battled Hogan in a no contest at Mania 4, in a drawn out match, in the WWF championship tournament. Feuds with Jake Roberts, The Ultimate Warrior, as well as a tag team title run as the Collassal Connection, with Haku, led to his final Mania match at Mania 6, losing to Demolition. Appearences in both promotions continued til late 1992, before his death in January 1993.
17.Chris Benoit-This paragraph is the only mentioning of the sad day of June 24, 2007, rather be a dedication to what a man did in the ring for 22 years, as well as 7 years in the WWE, the Canadian Crippler, came in the WWF, a day after pinning Sid for the WCW Championship, he was an immediate contender for the IC strap, winning it after pinning Chris Jericho, at Wrestlemania 2000, in a triple threat with Kurt Angle and the Lion Heart. He would feud with Jericho, as well as have a rematch with Angle, the following year, in on of WrestleManias great technical masterpieces, despite losing. Despite a neck injury, the Wolverine displayed Toothless Aggression, the next 2 years, winning the 2004 Royal Rumble, and tapping Triple H, in one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time battling The Game, and Shawn Michaels. This would be the peak of his career, and milestone after years of battling his way to the top. After defending his title in rematches, and battling Evolution, he would lose at SummerSlam to a young Randy Orton, this would be his only title run, however we got one of the greatest matches of all time as an end result. His final 2 Mania matches were against JBL, losing his US title to the texan, he would retain the US title vs protoge MVP, in his final WrestleMania match. On that note R.I.P. Nancy and Daniel Benoit.
16.Mankind-Hardcore legend Mick Foley entered the WWF as Mankind, after rising from WWF jobber status in the late 1980s, to putting on violent, bloody matches in Texas wrestling, and WCW, Where Cactus Jack, battled Vader and Sting, in underrated matches. This however was different, The Boiler Room Brawl, vs The Undertaker, kicked off a feud that lasted on and off for 2 years, coming to in end at Hell In The Cell 1998, a match where 16 foot falls, and a brutal nature the WWF has tried to steer away from since then. This shot Foley into the stratosphere, feuding with The Rock for the WWF title in 1999, his lone Mania main event was in the WM 2000, Four way main event between The Rock, Triple H and the Big Show. Later Mania matches vs Edge and Evolution, were entertaining, as Foleys celebrity with injuries began to take a toll on him. Still to this day being an active.